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IEBT - Drug-Free Workplace Programs Administrator and Nationwide Mobile Drug Testing Network

Regulation Alert -- If you work on gas service lines - OLD or NEW Construction...



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Some Statistics

Mandatory Industries

Who Can Participate?

38-50% of all worker's compensation claims are related to the use of alcohol or drugs in the workplace of serious workplace accidents have drug or alcohol involvement.

50-80% of pilferage loss is due to employees who are users.

15-17% of employees in the average U.S. company affect their own workplaces through substance abuse.

More than 90% of alcoholics and 74% of drug addicts are employed.

On average, employees with inappropriate substance use cost their employers $7000 annually.

A Drug-Free Workplace Program creates a safer workplace, offers support for employees who have a substance abuse problem, and protects employees, customers and the public from the effects of drugs and alcohol at work.  A DFWP increases a company's overall productivity while decreasing accidents and compensation claims.

When a DFWP is administered appropriately, an overwhelming number of employees support such a program.

Drug-and-Alcohol-Free Workplaces are required by law in an ever increasing number of industries and their affiliates, including contractors and their employees.  The regulation of Federal and State agencies, including contractors who bid on jobs for these agencies has been expanding since 1988.  A few examples:

PHMSA - Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, now extending to contractors who work on gas service lines, old or new construction.

FMCSA - Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration;

FTA - Federal Transit Authority;

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration;

RSPA - Research and Special Programs Administration;

USCG - United States Coast Guard, now extending to all licensed mariners and their employees;

FRA - Federal Railroad Administration;

DOT - Departments of Transportation, now extended to all CDL operators.

It is now possible for ANY company, in any industry, regulated or  non-regulated to establish a Drug-Free Workplace Program.

Set-up and administration is surprisingly simple and affordable with the use of a certified third party administrator like IEBT.

The number of companies, small and large, testing their employees for drug and alcohol use has drastically increased over the last decade.  Listed below are a few of IEBT's clients from a variety of industries that should give you some idea of the scope of participation.

Time Warner Cable Metro Health Systems
Little Tikes Sweibels
Airbourne Express Ohio Edison
UPS Avis Rent-a-Car
Greyhound Summit Racing
Coca-Cola J.B. Hunt
City of Tallmadge Quiznos Subs
AmeriGas Gojo
Handyman Plumbing Greater Cleveland Safety Council
North Coast Charter Boat Association Sysco Food Services
Raleys Watkins Motor Lines

The Role of IEBT

Today businesses, no matter how small or large, can partner with IEBT to insure the benefits that a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace has to offer.  Whether you have an existing program, or are looking to implement one, rest assured that a company with nearly 20 years of experience in this industry can serve your needs no matter what they may be.


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Workplace Services

Urine Drug Testing 
Hair Drug Testing 
Legal Hair Drug Testing 
Level of Detection Hair Testing 
Breath Alcohol Testing 
Saliva Alcohol testing 
Urine Alcohol Testing 
Instant Urine Drug Testing 
Expert Witness 
Medical Review Officer (MRO) 
Full Third Party Administration 
Random Selections 
DFWP Policy Development

Bureau of Workers' Comp. (BWC) 
Premium Discount Programs 
BWC-DFWP Policy Development 
Employee Training 
Supervisor Training 
Breath Alcohol Testing 
Saliva Alcohol testing
Urine Drug Testing 
Expert Witness 
Medical Review Officer (MRO) 
Full Third Party Administration 
Random Selections 

DOT Services

Urine Drug Testing
Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)
Saliva Alcohol Testing (STT)
Physical Examinations
Supervisor Training
Expert Witness
Medical Review Officer (MRO)
Full Third Party Administration
Random Selections

DOT Policy Development
FMCSA (CDL Drivers)
USCG (Coast Guard)
RSPA (Pipeline)

Industry Training
BAT Training
STT Training
Collector Training
Instructor Training

Instant Drug Test Kits
Breath Alcohol Equipment
Drug & Alcohol Supplies
Training Supplies


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